Welcome to the Pet Nanny!

2014_Westminster_Kennel_Club_Dog_Show_(12486991195)Your furry friends will be happy you found me.
The Pet Nanny provides Daily Dog Walking and Pet Sitting as well as Overnight Pet Care in your pet’s own environment to ensure all of the comforts of home are provided.
My service assists with eliminating loneliness and inactivity in your pet which will prevent unhappiness and destructiveness.
Allow your pet to stay in the comfort of their own home and not in a kennel where they are away form their natural surroundings which increases their anxiety level. My at-home services will also place you, the parent, at ease knowing they are happiest in their own natural environment. As we all know, nothing compares with the comforts of home!!
Choose the schedule and services that fit your needs and you can relax knowing a reliable, trustworthy caregiver will care for your furry family members as if they were my own.
Contact me today to schedule services and I will customize a plan to suit all of your needs. I sincerely appreciate you inquiring about my services and will assist you in anyway I can.

Check Your Dog Into Luxury Dog Boarding in Las Vegas

Luxury Dog Boarding Suite

While most dogs and their owners shrink from the thought of separation, often with other responsibilities bring us away from home. Most individuals will seek a dog-sitter, or drop their dog with a friend, but for a privileged few, no expense is spared in the care of their pampered pooches. The comfort and safety of their dogs is considered paramount, and it is for such dog owners that the current industry of luxury dog boarding was founded.

It’s Not Like a Kennel Any More

Dog boarding has changed since the days of the kennels where all you had was the choice to leave your dog in a cage. Now dog owners simply do not let their puppies in a Las Vegas canine kennel, as you can find other options such as property dog boarding and pet hotels. Most dog boarding services now provide a range of solutions. It’s like checking your dog in a luxury hotel for the weekend!

Fully Furnished Suites for Your Pooch

Some dog boarding facilities provide their own space, total with television and furniture, as well as their living space at home; Even so, they fail to spoil your pooch with all the love and attention he would get in a residence. Many higher-priced Las Vegas dog boarding solutions employ workers to take the pooches for walks, exercise, and feed them special treats and meals. This kind of arrangement can be quite expensive. Despite all these luxuries doggy style, your pet must still share time and space with dozens or perhaps hundreds of other dogs in a regimented atmosphere.

Leaving your dog with a buddy or neighbor could be hassle-free for you personally, but it is not the best concept for the happiness of pups unless your friend can be a dog owner. Your pet might be confused by your absence, with the presence of another dog and / or a familiar human will probably be a lot more comforting than a sterile atmosphere with someone who never ever owned a pet and pays little attention to your dog until you come back.

Stress Free Stay For Your Dog

A high quality pet resort will work with you and your pets in an attempt to make their dog boarding stay stress free as possible. They should contact you if there are any health problems or prolonged stress-related problems during your best friend (s) hotel stay, and should work with you (and a veterinarian if necessary) to seek medical treatment if needed. Many dogs learn to love the staff and the facility if they visit quite often, and you may find that they get excited rather than anxious, when they understand where they go because they know they’ll have fun!